Back to Blogging, Bye to Home Goods & in the Mood for Mood Fabrics

Sorry all, I stopped blogging for awhile so I could build my client base. Happily, I am very busy but miss the cerebral and visual thrill of posting blogs. Usually I report on Home Goods and have been scouting at least 2-3 Home Goods a week in the hopes of keeping up with my Hooked on Home Goods post but I have to say that the merchandise has been very underwhelming as a whole and standardized. Each week, I keep thinking that I will find the diamond in the rough, the designer’s secret haven but I have been utterly disappointed. Maybe it’s time to move away from my favorite respite and find a home away from home. Isn’t that what vacation houses or life changes are for? One day maybe Home Goods will be my first home again.

In the interim I am on the hunt for my next fixation.  Checked out Mood Fabrics in NYC and was astounded by their unique luxury upholstery fabrics. Very strong selection of flocked damask velvets all under $40 per yard. Just love and left with: