Btween Browns – Choose the Yummiest Chocolate Winner

This post is an ironic one since my married last name is Brown. Luckily, any indecision I might have about the color does not apply to my husband or his family.

Recently I swatched my client’s wall with a series of Benjamin Moore Brown selections. A few choices were safety colors (softer and not too dark) and the rest, rich, bold statements. I have been working on this client’s living room for months. She was my first official customer and the original plan was to paint the room chocolate brown. In other words the entire room’s furnishings were planned with this idea in mind. Fast forward to the actual day of painting and of course panic sets in. (I think for us both).

She asks – Can I live with walls this dark? Is this too daring? What if I get sick of it? And I ask to myself,  “am I making a mistake?” But then, “Eureka”! From 6 similar selections of a sea of brown, the right one spoke the language of color. It has depth, body, neutrality, and richness. Can you guess which brownI think is the yummiest chocolate of all?