Power Floor Stripes

Paintstaking and a little frightening, painting your old floors can be scary but is well worth the risk. You have to embrace the imperfections and turn a blind eye on slightly fuzzy edges. I am loving the color combination and wide awning/ticking strike pattern in this attic space. Try Benjamin Moore MilkShake  (wide stripe) with Kendall Charcoal (ticking stripe) and Stone Harbor Gray (medium stripe) for a fresh and clean approach to an old country pattern.


Fabulous Fireplaces – Designs and Resources

The fireplace can make or break a room and is often the most overlooked design element. Taking your fireplace from drab to fab is not easy and requires creativity and risk raking. As a designer, I have looked high and low throughout the Internet for a compilation of fireplace ideas but to no avail. So I started a collection of what I consider to be fabulous fireplaces from specific fireplace choices to decorating around the fireplace and mantel decor. Would love to keep this post going with reader input and links to more fireplace design ideas:

Amazing vintage style porcelain wood burning stove. If you can find the manufacturer or origin of this stove, pls. post here, I can’t locate online.

Platonic Fireplace Company has one of the widest array of interesting wall and wood burning fireplaces that I’ve seen. The bad news – has to be flown in from England.

Jerusalem Limeston fireplace by Platonic:

Urbino American Walnut fireplace by Platonic. Love the symmetry of the flat screen TV on the wall and the placement of the media speakers.

My friend Heidi’s personal favorite. Piet indoor stove by  Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius

Fahrenheit 212’s Corporate Office – Who wouldn’t want to go to work?

Paledonia Assouline Culture Lounge Fireplace located in a chic building in NYC. Graphite cement heart is designed by Clodagh.

Absolutely a fan of the wood burning stove inside the hearth. Such a great look and energy efficient too.  Check out charnwood’s selection at www.charnwood.co.uk

Give your traditional fireplace a facelift with a subtle but beautiful decorative tile trim as w/this sophisticated moroccan trim.

Very interesting over mantel treatment for this Victorian style fireplace. Love how the columns were carried into the mirror and create an extension of the fireplace design and exaggerate the height of the room.

This is one of my favorite transitional fireplace treatments. Inside the hearth is a La Nordica Sovrano Wood Cooker at fireplaceproducts.info. Whent he fireplace was opened, the Yorkshire stone was exposed.

Firesonline.co.uk (Notice the trend, the UK has the best selection of wood burning stoves)

Another great wood stove resource is Chesney.co.uk

Other Resources:


Art that Actually Makes You Happy

I have bantered back and forth in my head about art, the meaning of art, and how to recommend purchasing art for clients. When I was in art school, I hated that art “had to make a statement” or it wasn’t art. My struggle was so personal and difficult that I actually put my paints and brushes down for the last 15 years until I learned how to accept art for the process and how the end result makes you feel, not for the statement. It is unfortunate that art schools today do not value decorative arts and craft as art. Now a designer, the bottom line for me is that art should make you feel good. It seems that I personally gravitate to collage artists who bring the joy of color, words and mixed media into their works and their home. I just spotted this artist, Rebecca Vavic, on Etsy. She is an Australian mommy artist who clearly loves to collage. Her passion and expression shines in her work. Doesn’t this little owl make you smile?

For more info on Rebecca Vavic, check out her work on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RebeccaVavic