Name that Price & Manufacturer – Monday’s

Decorating Diva’s – How Good Are You?

It’s the beginning of a new game. Forget about Name that Tune, and play “Name that Price and Manufacturer Monday’s”. This game is way more fun and the best is that the winner doesn’t just get to gloat, but actually receives a FREE prize for their decorating prowess. Every Monday, a new winner will be announced and a new entry posted. I think you will love this weeks prize – my favorite candle for burning the midnight hours blogging!

Some Hints:
1. Group of pillows (top right) is by one manufacturer and all the pillows in the group are about the same price each. Guess what you think the average price of each pillow is.
2. Pillows below are a group and are about the same price each. Guess the avg. price per pillow.
3. One set of pillows is “designer” the other “trend”. Which group  is which?
4. If you can guess the manufacturer’s that’s a bonus this week – this one is tough!

Game Rules: If there is more than one winner, the winner will be chosen randomly. Domestic, US entries only (you can play for fun, but unfortunately I can’t ship overseas.) Must be 21 or older to win. Post your best guess as a comment here.