Back to Blogging, Bye to Home Goods & in the Mood for Mood Fabrics

Sorry all, I stopped blogging for awhile so I could build my client base. Happily, I am very busy but miss the cerebral and visual thrill of posting blogs. Usually I report on Home Goods and have been scouting at least 2-3 Home Goods a week in the hopes of keeping up with my Hooked on Home Goods post but I have to say that the merchandise has been very underwhelming as a whole and standardized. Each week, I keep thinking that I will find the diamond in the rough, the designer’s secret haven but I have been utterly disappointed. Maybe it’s time to move away from my favorite respite and find a home away from home. Isn’t that what vacation houses or life changes are for? One day maybe Home Goods will be my first home again.

In the interim I am on the hunt for my next fixation.  Checked out Mood Fabrics in NYC and was astounded by their unique luxury upholstery fabrics. Very strong selection of flocked damask velvets all under $40 per yard. Just love and left with:



Hooked on Home Goods – Haute House @Horchows & Home Goods

It makes me so excited to actually find an item at Home Goods that is just being sold in the marketplace as new and at full price. At the same time, I feel for catalogs like Horchow where I found the same item that is in Home Goods for triple the price. I used to own a fashion lifestyle business with a colleague and it was so frustrating to see a buy that we just made end up at Loehman’s, Daffy’s or Filenes. I used to spend hours a week checking off price stores to make sure that manufacturers weren’t dumping items before we got our goods. In a way, it is a shame for small retailers, specialty catalogers and boutiques that would like to offer something unique to their customers when the trust between the vendor and the retailer has been broken. On the other hand, yay for us shoppers.

In this instance, WHAT A STEAL these adorable postage stamp ottomans are just spotted at Home Goods near Asbury Park in early Jan. Made by Haute House – what would you prefer to pay? $99 at Home Goods or $469 at Horchow.

Found at Horchow for $469                    Found at Home Goods for $99


Hooked on HomeGoods: Hollywood Regency Has Arrived Big Time!

So, does that mean it’s done? I am huge fan of Kelly Wearstler’s revival and hope it is here to stay. But I wonder when HomeGoods is glutted with this look if the style has seen its day. Either way, if you like the over the top glam look of Hollywood Regency, than try a local HomeGoods for a find. All of these chairs were under $300. I am personally obessesed with the blue Billy Haines look-a-like. Accented in crystal and just waiting for a spot in my living room. (Too bad I am out of room).

Is there an Elephant in Your Room?

Moveover Buddha, monkeys, birds, peacock feathers, paisley, moroccan grillwork, baroque patterns, the butterfly and any design motif that offered a fleeting ray of false faith, hope and happiness in 2009 and make way for the Elephant. No, it’s not taboo, and if you don’t have one yet, now is the time to add this smart design motif to your home decor mix.

A timeless symbol of Buddhist strength and wisdom, the endearing elephant plans on staying for 2010 and with it the weighty promise that maybe this year will really shape up to be a wise one. The fifth of  seven jewels of royal power, the prescious elephant embodies the attributes needed for a King to stay in power, (aspiration, intention, effort and analysis). In other words, what we need to possess to make 2010 count. Certainly not one of the most beautiful motifs in design history, take a look at some ideas on how you can embrace the largeness of this icon in your home.

1. Make a BIG statement:  Can you imagine? HomeGoods on Rte. 22 in Springfield, NJ had this massive sculpture in their store at the highest price I have ever seen anything sell for at HomeGoods ($2000). I came back a week later and it was gone.

2. Enlighten: With Uttermost’s Abayomi elephant lamp designed by Carolyn Kinder.

3. Open Doors:  With an original Rosalie Sherman pewter cast elephant cabinet pull. Located at

4. Simplify: Jonathan Adler’s Peruvian stonefired porcelain elephant is pared down to beuatiful geometric shapes. What a great way to get rid of the bags. If only Joanthan Adler can figure out how to apply his approach to the face.

5.  Tsk Tusk: Not a huge elephant fan? How about a tusk table from Global Views in nickel.

6.  Relax: Luxuriate by your pool house, or add this elegant elephant side table to your living room and put your feet up. By Two’s Company.

7. A Clean Start: Wipe your hands free of any mess w/these exquisitely woven linen elephant napkins by Simrin. Part of the Raj series, you can find them at

8. Add Angst: I didn’t know it was possible to make an elephant angry but still cute! Loubylou Stiches, a fabric designer and artist on Etsy created this sweet wall hanging in mixed mediums.

9. Bunta Block Your Own Linens: I recently started a collection of my own bunta blocks although I can’t say I have mastered the art of Indian block printing . This elephant bunta block seems to be on the rarer side retailing for over $100 on

10. Last, Say OHMage to the Elephant: With this fabulous meditation pillow.

It’s a “Trunk Show” at Home Goods

Short on space? No worries. Trunks have emerged as this seasons chic accessory. Pier One is loaded, and Home Goods has decided to make a “trunk show” literally. All are under $200 and most $99. I found this collection at the Home Goods in Rockville, Md behind the Flint Mall. But, I have seen trunks arriving in drives to all the Home Goods I have been at.

hg md. trunks

Hotel Style in our Homes

It seems that bringing the hotel to home is a trend that has finally reached mass market and for good reason. Nesting at home has never been more popular especially given the economic climate, so if you can’t make it to a hotel for luxurious comfort than you might as well enjoy it at home. This amazing damask setee in chocolate brown has an extra tall back, nicely proportioned seat and elegant modern lines. Would look great in a dining room (drop the 2 chairs) or in kitchen nook. Too bad I haven’t seen more of these at Home Goods (maybe a shipment is on its way). Spotted this at the Home Goods in Cedar Knolls, NJ.

Home Goods Hotel Settee