Birds of a Feather Flock Together at least at the NYIGF

Flown in straight from Europe it seems that this market’s show theme is Feather Mania. If it has not been in your daughter’s hair as an extension, it has been plucked straight from an exotic peacock, ostrich or neighborly rooster. Feathers have hit the home market this season in runway style. Whether this trend has shown up tribal, French or stark modern (did I say mad?) it is a hard one to resist. I have been a feather fan since I was a little girl and this fad has tickled me young again. Fancy these favorite home finds:

Couture Dreams: A new line at the NYIGF showcasing the Chi Chi Petal tablecloth.
Grace and Blake: Feathered Chandelier. I MUST have this for my master bedroom.


Dransfield and Ross: Ostrich pillow
Pluma Cubic: Rooster Feather Floor Lamp


and last but not least, the most original. The Solitaire Punkah. If you have never heard of a Punkah it is the Hindi word for Fan. Oliver Kessler’s interpretation of the extinct Punkah Fan now motorized and customizable for your space. You have got to check out this You Tube Video it gave me a good laugh: