No Fail Eclectic Colors for Your Global Home

The Proof is On the Walls:

Not sure if it’s the damp weather or that I am ready for the 2010 backlash trend that has had enough of gray and dismal economic reports. But, these colors from House Eclectic sure inspired me.  Especially the pistachio green, retro enough but still modern. Check out this list of tried and true Benjamin Moore colors with punch that promise to not let you down.

House Eclectic Colors

Here’s the corresponding Benjamin Moore #’s:

Old Navy: #2063-10
Pumpkin Pie: #2167-20
Huntington Green:
Segovia Red:
# 1288
Good Morning Sunshine: #326

Btween Teens – Peace Out

Peace Out or In? for Tween Rooms

If you think it’s been done, think again. With Woodstock’s 40th anniversary this past Sept. it’s time to share the love with the evergreen peace symbol. Check out this chair I found on room service’s website. Imagine that in your daughter’s room!

Peace Sign Occasional Chair

Peace Sign Occasional Chair

Btween Colors – In Pursuit of the Perfect Gray (and I didn’t say Jeans)

Revere Pewter Gray from Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter Gray from Benjamin Moore

Gray just won’t go away and color experts say that it is here to stay for 2010. The new gray is everywhere as in gray economic future, gray skies, gray clothes, gray textiles, gray hair and gray walls. Here’s the positive and also the problem, there really is no such thing as gray. We all know that every color has an underbelly. Red, Violet, Blue, Orange etc. What makes gray so tough is how light affects this color.  In my home, I use revere pewter gray, sometimes it’s taupe, sometime’s khaki at times it illuminates and other times it’s just down right gray. But most of the time, I call revere pewter my all time favorite gray. Post your favorite grays and let me know what you see underneath. (By the way, I think I see a hint of yellow-orange in the pewter gray).

Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige

Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige

Today, I helped a friend try to find her perfect gray and we did. Everything had too much blue, green, violet or red in it. We settled on Perfect Greige from Sherwin Williams. (So close to revere pewter).

Hooked on HomeGoods – Just-in

Moroccan Poof

Love this Moroccan poof I just bought from Home Goods this week. Resembles Calypso’s famous leather poof that has been in their line for years for over $200. Mine, only $49.00 from Karma Living. What a find! Spotted at the HomeGoods in Morristown, NJ. Let me know if you find this poof’s twin in other colors at other HomeGoods.

Home Goods Moroccan Poof

Home Goods Moroccan Poof

Welcome to Btween Trends


Welcome to my new blog, Btween Trends, a labor of love. My  journey, a collection of my design inspirations to help you create affordable, beautiful, functional personal spaces. For tots, tweens, teens, in-between and beyond….

My decorating addiction started when I was a trends forecaster for a large home catalog company. I’ve spent my career in fashion, furniture, jewelry, gourmet food and design. For years I have been cataloging home resources, shopping the markets, and keeping my eye on what’s next. I am obsessed with color trends, homegoods, design motifs and teen/tween home style statements. I hope that you will find the information and observations shared here helpful, fun and interesting. Soooo Mom’s, Teens, Tweens, Decorating Fiends, those in the field and in the know, post your inspirations, dream themes and style sources. With your help I look forward to a rich space filled with the latest creative design ambitions.