Teen Karma – Do You Have it in Your Room?

Last week I was at the Vegas Furniture Market and I ran into my favorite teen soft goods manufacturer, Karma Living. I was reminded yet again how much I LOVE teen and tween room merchandise and especially Karma Living. As a designer in touch with their youthful spirit I decided to add an ongoing blog column which will feature artists and products that will make a teen’s room to die for. I can’t wait to keep the spotlight on emerging teen room trends, so check back often to see what’s next:

Here’s what I love about Karma Living:

– Unbelievable, bright and happy color combinations
– Sheer ready made burn-out drapery panels that not even PBTeen can compete with.
– Oversized Boho floor pillows like none other
– Embroidered bed coverlets that only Pine Cone Hill rivals but for double the price
– FRINGE, FRINGE and more FRINGE for the privacy that any teen must have for their room!

Now that your senses have been whet, the only problem is that Karma Living is not readily available online.  (Amazon had a few items). If you are interested in more information or in placing an order, please feel free to contact me at kbwolf@btweenspaces.com.


Inspiration Boards

This post is actually an outpost from a class that I am taking and cherish, called “Blogging Your Way”. The assignment for the week was to create your very own, personal “Inspiration Board”.  I liken the idea to a visual brand of yourself on paper or in other words, “your blog”. Before I was blogging, and even now, I kept a board like this in my office. It is about 30×50″ and sits on my work desk, leaning back like a large painting. Whenever I see my board, I smile, as it contains all of the colors, textures, pictures and patterns that make me happy.

The key question that is being asked of us as blogging students in class is whether our board matches the brand image and direction that we want our blog to reflect. Interestingly, I think that my board is consistent with the photos I post and the overall feel of my blog. I guess what it comes down to is that personal style is innate and will come through even if you are trying to lead your style to another level or direction. Sometimes I look at my board and wistfully think that I wish I could be simpler, or less dramatic, less layered or textured. Sure, it’s possible, but what is the point? What I got from this assignment more than anything is to let your authentic self sing and those who like your music will listen.

Here are a few sections of my board – I think you will see that my style is defined by color, pattern, texture and a layered mix of old and new: