Birds of a Feather Flock Together at least at the NYIGF

Flown in straight from Europe it seems that this market’s show theme is Feather Mania. If it has not been in your daughter’s hair as an extension, it has been plucked straight from an exotic peacock, ostrich or neighborly rooster. Feathers have hit the home market this season in runway style. Whether this trend has shown up tribal, French or stark modern (did I say mad?) it is a hard one to resist. I have been a feather fan since I was a little girl and this fad has tickled me young again. Fancy these favorite home finds:

Couture Dreams: A new line at the NYIGF showcasing the Chi Chi Petal tablecloth.
Grace and Blake: Feathered Chandelier. I MUST have this for my master bedroom.


Dransfield and Ross: Ostrich pillow
Pluma Cubic: Rooster Feather Floor Lamp


and last but not least, the most original. The Solitaire Punkah. If you have never heard of a Punkah it is the Hindi word for Fan. Oliver Kessler’s interpretation of the extinct Punkah Fan now motorized and customizable for your space. You have got to check out this You Tube Video it gave me a good laugh:


Perfectly Coueffed

I have been meaning to get to my blog for months with one simple mission at hand, to rave about a new product line called “Couef” by Jamie Schactel.  I first saw Jamie’s perfectly Coiffed, Couefs at the New York Gift Show. Her show space was jamming with excited buyers who all had to have one of Jamie Schactel’s multi-functional, aesthetically beautiful poufs. I love these little ottomans. Not only for their pure ingenuity and design appeal but because a designer designed these. As a designer, my first reaction I have to admit was a pang of jealously. (How did she do it? Why didn’t I think of that? Felllow designers, I am sure you can all relate). But once past the intitial envy my emotions turned to pure support. It’s one thing to develop something for namesake but another to create something that is so flawless that even another designer has to have it. Kudos to Jamie Schactel for creating the perfect Couef. Find it at


Ottoman Delights

I have been meaning to post about my finds from High Point Market but have to say I was slightly under impressed as a whole. The Rough Luxe trend is still going strong and it seems like the British Invasion is marching along. Throw a little Belgium in the mix and that defines my High Point vantage point. So this post is not macro but micro. A snapshot of my petite finds these ottomans and stools are simply delightful:

Groovy Stuff                                                                                              Design Legacy

Adrianna Shamaris                                                                          Grace and Blake

From the Birds to Butterflies – A New Sign of Life in the Design Industry?

As a former trends forecaster I am always looking for the next hot motif or symbol. In the past two years the home decor industry has seen every bird species emblazoned on pillows, prints, and porcelain. Plucked from our skies, the owl, peacock, dove, eagle have made their way into our homes whether you like it or not. I have never been a huge bird lover but this insidious trend has even made a nest in my heart.

Just as I was learning to accept the flock of birds that hit the home scene, I started to notice a small flutter emerge in hotels, showrooms and some design lines. Quietly, the butterfly seems to have emerged from its cocoon and is sitting on our sills waiting to replace the stale bird motif.  The master of change and adaptability, mystery, exotic beauty and understated elegance – a sign of renewal in the design industry after years of a long and lifeless journey to escape the cold  economic climate. 

Thank you butterfly, we are ready for you.           

Encore/Wynn Hotel Lobby                                    Showroom in Atlanta Mart

Randy Barker Art                                                            Bloom Wallpaper

Back to Blogging, Bye to Home Goods & in the Mood for Mood Fabrics

Sorry all, I stopped blogging for awhile so I could build my client base. Happily, I am very busy but miss the cerebral and visual thrill of posting blogs. Usually I report on Home Goods and have been scouting at least 2-3 Home Goods a week in the hopes of keeping up with my Hooked on Home Goods post but I have to say that the merchandise has been very underwhelming as a whole and standardized. Each week, I keep thinking that I will find the diamond in the rough, the designer’s secret haven but I have been utterly disappointed. Maybe it’s time to move away from my favorite respite and find a home away from home. Isn’t that what vacation houses or life changes are for? One day maybe Home Goods will be my first home again.

In the interim I am on the hunt for my next fixation.  Checked out Mood Fabrics in NYC and was astounded by their unique luxury upholstery fabrics. Very strong selection of flocked damask velvets all under $40 per yard. Just love and left with:


Inspiration Boards

This post is actually an outpost from a class that I am taking and cherish, called “Blogging Your Way”. The assignment for the week was to create your very own, personal “Inspiration Board”.  I liken the idea to a visual brand of yourself on paper or in other words, “your blog”. Before I was blogging, and even now, I kept a board like this in my office. It is about 30×50″ and sits on my work desk, leaning back like a large painting. Whenever I see my board, I smile, as it contains all of the colors, textures, pictures and patterns that make me happy.

The key question that is being asked of us as blogging students in class is whether our board matches the brand image and direction that we want our blog to reflect. Interestingly, I think that my board is consistent with the photos I post and the overall feel of my blog. I guess what it comes down to is that personal style is innate and will come through even if you are trying to lead your style to another level or direction. Sometimes I look at my board and wistfully think that I wish I could be simpler, or less dramatic, less layered or textured. Sure, it’s possible, but what is the point? What I got from this assignment more than anything is to let your authentic self sing and those who like your music will listen.

Here are a few sections of my board – I think you will see that my style is defined by color, pattern, texture and a layered mix of old and new:

Speakeasy Style aka Bordello Chic

I am so happy that the LA Times finally coined a name for the dreamy, sultry, moody interiors that I have been calling Speakeasy Style. Bordello Chic – it has been around for years, in bars, hot hotels, underground, gentleman lounges, in membership only clubs and finally it is out in the open. The LA Times says, “the rooms ooze mystery and the promise of scandalous behavior…it can create a seductively cozy atmosphere.” I view the look as the next stage of Hollywood Regency. Marrying glam w/ornate Rococco and a little bit of Victorian Gothic. For me, Bordello Chic is a welcome relief to the stark modernism of the 2000’s. I can’t wait to see how this fantasy plays out in the residential market. (Two way mirrors between bedroom and bathroom? Just kidding).

For an incredible history of the speakeasy craze that still has New Yorkers enamored a must read is William Grimes NYT article.

Take a look at these pics and escape into your own fantasy world:

The Edison Nightclub, LA

The Voyeur Nightclub, LA

The Voyeur Nightclub, LA

The Aurum Lounge, Atlanta Ga

Home & Gardens Belgium

A touch of Bordello Chic in this Living Room?

British Kitchen

Bordello Foyer - Belgium Home & Gardens

The Backroom Speakeasy, NYC

Apoteke the Bar, NYC

St. Tropez Chair