Perfectly Coueffed

I have been meaning to get to my blog for months with one simple mission at hand, to rave about a new product line called “Couef” by Jamie Schactel.  I first saw Jamie’s perfectly Coiffed, Couefs at the New York Gift Show. Her show space was jamming with excited buyers who all had to have one of Jamie Schactel’s multi-functional, aesthetically beautiful poufs. I love these little ottomans. Not only for their pure ingenuity and design appeal but because a designer designed these. As a designer, my first reaction I have to admit was a pang of jealously. (How did she do it? Why didn’t I think of that? Felllow designers, I am sure you can all relate). But once past the intitial envy my emotions turned to pure support. It’s one thing to develop something for namesake but another to create something that is so flawless that even another designer has to have it. Kudos to Jamie Schactel for creating the perfect Couef. Find it at



Hooked on Home Goods – Haute House @Horchows & Home Goods

It makes me so excited to actually find an item at Home Goods that is just being sold in the marketplace as new and at full price. At the same time, I feel for catalogs like Horchow where I found the same item that is in Home Goods for triple the price. I used to own a fashion lifestyle business with a colleague and it was so frustrating to see a buy that we just made end up at Loehman’s, Daffy’s or Filenes. I used to spend hours a week checking off price stores to make sure that manufacturers weren’t dumping items before we got our goods. In a way, it is a shame for small retailers, specialty catalogers and boutiques that would like to offer something unique to their customers when the trust between the vendor and the retailer has been broken. On the other hand, yay for us shoppers.

In this instance, WHAT A STEAL these adorable postage stamp ottomans are just spotted at Home Goods near Asbury Park in early Jan. Made by Haute House – what would you prefer to pay? $99 at Home Goods or $469 at Horchow.

Found at Horchow for $469                    Found at Home Goods for $99