Discriminating Teens and Tweens Take a Look at These Finds

As a designer who specializes in the teen  space, the unique and different can be hard to find. The teen market is savvier than ever –  “The Wall Street Journal'”  recently published “Make Room for Junior Decorators” http://on.wsj.com/hT42zV a lifestyle article supporting the growing demands of teen decorators.  I am in the process of working on two boys’ tween bedrooms and both of the boys I am working with have very definite color and furniture opinions. One wants orange and the other red. One hates brown and the other feels like his room is a cavern and both want to make a statement with their newly redesigned big boy spaces.  As the tastes of teens and tweens have become very discriminating, I have compiled some of my most recent favorite finds at affordable prices. Take a peek and happy room redo’s:

Desig- Legacy.com                                                Rebecca Plotnick under $50

Kartell Lights $149 www.neenaslighting.com                     Marshmallow Bench $749


James Rocker EQ3.com $499                                   Loopy Loo Shade Puremodern.com $48


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