From the Birds to Butterflies – A New Sign of Life in the Design Industry?

As a former trends forecaster I am always looking for the next hot motif or symbol. In the past two years the home decor industry has seen every bird species emblazoned on pillows, prints, and porcelain. Plucked from our skies, the owl, peacock, dove, eagle have made their way into our homes whether you like it or not. I have never been a huge bird lover but this insidious trend has even made a nest in my heart.

Just as I was learning to accept the flock of birds that hit the home scene, I started to notice a small flutter emerge in hotels, showrooms and some design lines. Quietly, the butterfly seems to have emerged from its cocoon and is sitting on our sills waiting to replace the stale bird motif.  The master of change and adaptability, mystery, exotic beauty and understated elegance – a sign of renewal in the design industry after years of a long and lifeless journey to escape the cold  economic climate. 

Thank you butterfly, we are ready for you.           

Encore/Wynn Hotel Lobby                                    Showroom in Atlanta Mart

Randy Barker Art                                                            Bloom Wallpaper


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