Speakeasy Style aka Bordello Chic

I am so happy that the LA Times finally coined a name for the dreamy, sultry, moody interiors that I have been calling Speakeasy Style. Bordello Chic – it has been around for years, in bars, hot hotels, underground, gentleman lounges, in membership only clubs and finally it is out in the open. The LA Times says, “the rooms ooze mystery and the promise of scandalous behavior…it can create a seductively cozy atmosphere.” I view the look as the next stage of Hollywood Regency. Marrying glam w/ornate Rococco and a little bit of Victorian Gothic. For me, Bordello Chic is a welcome relief to the stark modernism of the 2000’s. I can’t wait to see how this fantasy plays out in the residential market. (Two way mirrors between bedroom and bathroom? Just kidding).

For an incredible history of the speakeasy craze that still has New Yorkers enamored a must read is William Grimes NYT article.

Take a look at these pics and escape into your own fantasy world:

The Edison Nightclub, LA

The Voyeur Nightclub, LA

The Voyeur Nightclub, LA

The Aurum Lounge, Atlanta Ga

Home & Gardens Belgium

A touch of Bordello Chic in this Living Room?

British Kitchen

Bordello Foyer - Belgium Home & Gardens

The Backroom Speakeasy, NYC

Apoteke the Bar, NYC

St. Tropez Chair



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