The 3 R’s of Decorating in 2010: Recycled, Reclaimed, Re-Used

It’s amazing how things change. 10 years ago, the  three R’s of decorating were: Relax, Reconstruct and Reinvent. Today it’s undeniable, Recycle, Reclaim and ReUse. The green movement has been inching it’s way into the decorating market in all capacities. From green materials to building codes. However, most of us can’t rebuild our homes to green standards but we still want to make an evironmental difference. The use of barnwood furniture, recycled relics and redesigning with existing furniture and accessories is an easy way for all customers to lesson their carbon footprint. I happen to love the reclaimed, barnwood furniture look. It is so hot right now that a rep from High Point emailed his customers to let them know about the success of one of lines, Noir. I happen to think Vagabond has a sweet look. And of course there are always your local furniture workrooms who will custom create what you want. Even Restoration Hardware is in on the game. This past week, I was on the prowl for a reclaimed bench. Here are some of favorite finds along the way:

Guatemalan Antique Lighting using Tree Root and Recyled Material:
guatemalan antique lighting

Hard to believe that this is from Home Goods in Rockville, Md. for only $149!homegoods maryland barn table

Thomas Bina’s Collection for Four Hands. Full line of product. Love this piece.fourhands bina TV standfourhands zhong chinese cabinet

Fourhands Zhong collection. You’ve seen some of their pieces at I have always wanted to know who the manufacturer was. I think I have to buy this antique Chinese armoire.

restoration hardware printmaker side table

Restoration Hardware’s printmaker side table. Have you seen their new look? According to inside sources, their new look, higher price point and stake in the green market is recession proof.



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