Btween Colors – In Pursuit of the Perfect Gray (and I didn’t say Jeans)

Revere Pewter Gray from Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter Gray from Benjamin Moore

Gray just won’t go away and color experts say that it is here to stay for 2010. The new gray is everywhere as in gray economic future, gray skies, gray clothes, gray textiles, gray hair and gray walls. Here’s the positive and also the problem, there really is no such thing as gray. We all know that every color has an underbelly. Red, Violet, Blue, Orange etc. What makes gray so tough is how light affects this color.  In my home, I use revere pewter gray, sometimes it’s taupe, sometime’s khaki at times it illuminates and other times it’s just down right gray. But most of the time, I call revere pewter my all time favorite gray. Post your favorite grays and let me know what you see underneath. (By the way, I think I see a hint of yellow-orange in the pewter gray).

Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige

Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige

Today, I helped a friend try to find her perfect gray and we did. Everything had too much blue, green, violet or red in it. We settled on Perfect Greige from Sherwin Williams. (So close to revere pewter).


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